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Realistic Dreams – Home Business Start-up

‘Dream big’ gets a lot of press. Certainly the idea is not to limit yourself and to ‘aim high’, to believe that you can be whatever you want to be. However this concept can be self-sabotaging if one is not realistic. If you dream of being an astro-physicist, shouldn’t you factor in the many years of education you would need to realize that dream? If you are realistic you will – if you are silly you will just shoot for waking up tomorrow in a lab coat.

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The same goes for a home business. It can be everything that you could possibly dream it could be; this is true and it is proven by the many entrepreneurs that have made it so by actually doing it. It is not always apparent what all they had to endure to get to where they are. Unless you carefully consider all things, you might miss the part about working hard at least to build the foundation and then to keep it all running.

Whether you have what it takes is another question however. In this we are not necessarily talking about education or tangible skills, although of course those would make it more plausible that you could achieve your highest financial dreams. However, what is required is positivity, confidence, faith, a willingness to learn, determination and hard work. That you have acquired some business skills and experience would also be an asset.

Naturally it never hurts to have a ‘day job’ or some way to support yourself while you are developing your home business start-up. This is where the realism may bite those that are not logical in their thinking or dreaming. Time and again people have put their last dollar into starting a business online, as if their computer is a slot machine that will return the money ten-fold almost immediately. In most cases, they are sadly disappointed to learn that in reality it takes time and work to get a return on their investment.

This fact doesn’t mean you can’t do it or that it won’t work for you. It just means that you have to be realistic in planning your future. You know that you have expenses such as for housing, utilities and food at the minimum. So you should plan for covering at least that for the next several months to a year. If you have not saved money that you could use for this purpose (survival), and/or do not have severance pay or unemployment insurance, then your first objective in your plan should be to find a way to live while you build your business.

Unfortunately for most of us this means finding at least a part-time job to tide you over. If you can realize this it will be a God-send to you because contrary to this would be constant anxiety and worry that would definitely hinder your ability to learn or focus on starting up a new business (as would living under a freeway when you get evicted for non-payment).

So get the basics out of the way first. Do not ever speculate on your survival – as if you will ‘probably’ get the money back before the bills are due. NOT! Plan the opposite, that you won’t get it – so you need to cover yourself and you know it. Hopefully you will eventually be pleasantly surprised when your dream starts to become a reality and you receive your first check!


Why Do You Want to Start a Home Business?

Most people likely would just say they want to start a home business to make money. To what degree depends on the individual circumstances. It could be extra money to pay bills because the regular paycheck is not ‘stretching’ as far as necessary. It could be extra money for some special thing like a vacation or a new car for example. It could be extra money to create some savings or investments for retirement or a ‘safety net’.

Money could be needed more critically if someone has lost their job and has been unable to find another one, and need to replace their salary. This is the scenario where they would be better off if they had started something part-time that they could capitalize on where ‘spare time’ is all they have right now! It is important to plan for the unexpected just like we should do for earthquakes or hurricanes, etc. Once the emergency hits, it is a little late to prepare.

Although when we are doing well and don’t think we have any problems it is normal to not worry, if somebody reads the news for the past few decades they should realize that ‘only by the grace of God go I’ is a real, true statement. It could happen to anyone. Don’t get complacent because you know you do your best to do a good job, and often ‘go the extra mile’ to exceed expectations; however that is no insurance at all. When companies make decisions to eliminate jobs, it is positions that they are looking at, not people. Be prepared. Save your money, start building something on your own to increase your security. Do it now before it is critical.

There are blogs and other social network communications from people who call themselves the ‘used to haves’ – these are people who used to have good jobs and enjoyed a good salary and all the things you can buy; they are people who are educated and skilled. Yet they lost everything through no fault of their own. They lost their jobs and their salary because their company merely wanted to make more money and so they moved their operations ‘overseas’ where they do not have minimum wage laws or taxes. The ‘used to haves’ are now struggling to pay their bills, have no prospects for jobs and are every day becoming more and more depressed and deeper in the hole.

It is therefore surprising that more of them to do not arrive at the possibility of starting a business online from home. They do have for the most part education and skills – they must know how to do quite a few things that could be ways to earn money from home. Of course many are willing to make less money or work longer or just to do anything out of desperation. Another option they have is to apply at temporary agencies to get assignments that can just help to tide them over until they find permanent work.

Yes, for the most part wanting to start a business from home is mostly about money – but there is a lot more to it as far as feeling strong and feeling good about yourself because you are doing more than what is expected – because you always feel you can accomplish more, and because you are going to be prepared for the unexpected (and if it never comes you will find something to do with a nice chunk of money you have saved!)


Thinking of Starting a Business Online – Where to Begin

First of all you need a real plan. A plan would outline what resources you have to invest, as far as your time, money and skills. There are no deal breakers here as even if you have very little time and/or money and skills you can still start a business on the Internet. Depending on how determined you are, there are ways to make up for any deficit you may perceive.

The key there is determination. If you have absolutely no money to work with then outside of starting to save a few dollars every time you get money, there is also taking stock of what you do spend your money on. All bets are off that if you are really committed to the idea of having your own business, you can make a few sacrifices as far as non-essentials – entertainment, trips, or luxuries.

You can be real direct with this and for example when you would normally pay for tickets to some event, take the exact amount you would pay and put it away in a savings account for your business operating expenses. When you decide you don’t really need to take that trip, figure how much gas you saved and the bridge tolls, etc. and put that away.

With your time, this is a major factor particularly if you have no money as you will need to spend more time working in doing this for yourself if you can’t pay for services. If you feel you don’t have the skills, then you can always learn how to do things. Your major, free resources are the search engines like Google.com where just about anything you ask under the sun will be answered within minutes. It may take you some time to go through all the results you get though.

There are even free courses that you can take online at organizations like W3schools.com. These can be basics all the way to more technical to learn how to build and/or maintain websites. There are also community colleges online where you can take excellent courses for just a few dollars and you can do it in the evening and weekends right along with your day job.

Determination and sacrifice – these are key ‘skills’ that you need if you are going to challenge yourself. It isn’t easy to work all day, commute, have a family and then devote time to being online to start a business. Thousands of people do it and it is very gratifying when you find yourself spending time improving your lot rather than playing the big couch potato and wasting your time.

This is not to say you don’t need fresh air and exercise as well as plenty of sleep. You will find however once you get into it that it will all fit nicely. You will make it fit if you really want to start a business. You will be amazed where you can find money, time and skill when you need it.

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