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Don’t Forget to Do Your Work at Home

There are several conceptual issues that seem to confuse people who try to build a business where they can work at home. Literally the word ‘w-o-r-k’ seems to confuse some people from different perspectives. While working at home is not a ‘j-o-b’ you still need to take it seriously and actually do the w-o-r-k.

time to get to work!

Some will balk at a business plan the minute they realize that it does involve work. They want so to believe that they can get something for nothing, that there is a magic sauce, that they can just posture as a home business entrepreneur and thereby attract money.

While it is true we may have an aversion to work because of hostile work environments and the jobs we have all had to take in order to survive, there is never an excuse for laziness or slacking, and it really can be fatal to a new home business because it will never get off the ground.

At first we do need all the information we can get, but there comes a point where we need to put that information into action. Don’t use the excuse that you can’t actually do anything yet because you don’t know enough. Do what you can as soon as you can, you will learn more as you go. While you need a plan there is nothing better than taking action when it comes to starting a business.

While we do need to learn, we likely will not make money just from learning, but only from employing the information we acquire to promote and develop a business. That is why it is so important that we don’t get stuck at square one while we are learning. It is true that people get stage fright and they have a fear of failure. There is a great saying to keep in mind and that is that ‘the road to success is littered with failures’. Meaning, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward, on to the next quest.

The key to success is not giving up. Keep trying. Try something different. Go about things in a different way. Check (and fix) your attitude if necessary. This might be the most difficult task you will have when you start a business at home. You must be determined so that you won’t be affected negatively when you do not see tangible results right away (which is the norm).

It takes time to develop business, and you need to be very aggressive about it. Never ‘rest on your laurels’. You have to stay motivated no matter if you are tired, dejected, busy or even not feeling well. While it may be more difficult to go to a job when we don’t feel good, we would have to be seriously ill not to be able to log on to our computers that are right there in our home office. Even if all you can squeeze out is an hour. Spend the time wisely.


Starting an Internet Home Business Part-Time is Being Real Smart

The ideal time to start a business at home is when you have at least one income stream. This will ensure your survival while you are planning, building, developing and maintaining an Internet home business.


Ever hear the saying, ‘why put off until tomorrow what you can do today’? A good reason to start today is because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. If this was for example that you got laid off from your job due to downsizing, outsourcing, mergers, etc. You know they don’t give you much warning in many cases.

That kind of adds insult to injury because it completely throws a wrench into everything. Your whole routine, budget and all can become quickly ‘not applicable’. Your entire way of life needs to change radically while you try to find other work. The bills go on just the same during the suspension or at least reduction in the income that you thought you had.

You need to survive between jobs in other words. So the point is when you are in dire straits is not the best time to start a new business because you need to be in a hurry. Some things just won’t hurry particularly if you have learning curves which most people do when starting something new.

So the time to start is when you have an income and you can afford to take your time; and something else that works in favor of you eventually being successful is that with an income, you can afford to feel your home business is a labor of love, something like a hobby or interest that you enjoy doing (the making money hobby).

If your part-time business already has some kind of structure and is already running to some degree, then if something unexpected happens, you can merely ramp it up! You can just welcome that you will have more time to invest in your own business now that you don’t have your bummer commute and surly boss to contend with! 😉

Anything can happen where you might need to raise substantial extra money quickly – a major car repair, natural disaster, relocation, personal family matters, etc. It is a whole different ‘ballgame’ if you have been able to earn extra money with your part-time internet home business and have been able to save it; you don’t have to panic as much because you know you have it covered for a few months or so until you can land on your feet!

Think about it – It’s a lot easier if you could see tomorrow coming! Not to know the future, but just to have a contingency plan for whichever way things go. If you are prepared and engaged in your financial health and your security, you will use your spare time wisely to do something more productive instead of just ‘hanging out’.


Start a Business at Home and Fortify Your Survival

There are so many reasons why having an extra income would work really well. If you are like many people who live paycheck-to-paycheck, there is rarely anything to ‘save’ unless you are very disciplined about it. It may take some real, tangible goal to motivate you to save money. However it is still true ‘you can’t get blood out of a turnip’.

start up

You might want to save money for a ‘rainy day’ aka an emergency, where perhaps you have medical or dental co-payments, or your car breaks down. Something of this nature can really bite if you are already stretching things just to get by. Another total crisis would be losing your job suddenly and trying to piece things together to get by until you find a new position. Having money saved would make the stress of this situation so much easier.

Or maybe you are stressed about your bills and how you have really over-extended yourself with your credit cards. You will never catch up making the minimum payments and having money saved to use instead of using a credit card will be the result of paying down or even paying off your credit balance once and for all. You will experience true peace of mind if you do not have a large debt hanging over you.

Another scenario is reaching retirement age and realizing you are going to have a horrible time trying to survive on the meager social security that made your paychecks much smaller all during your career. If you do not have substantial pension and investments like most average people don’t, this is a really serious situation. You probably should start worrying about it way before it is time to retire in your 60s.

So any of these examples can also be your motivation to start a business at home to earn and save extra money BEFORE you find yourself in a crisis. It will take a few dollars to get it started up and developed and if you realize that is the reality it won’t discourage you when you wonder why you are spending money when you are trying to save it.

That’s life, however you will find particularly if you can start an online business, that the expenses are probably 1/10th or even less of what they would be if you were trying to open an office or a store (brick and mortar) and therefore the point at which you can start making a profit will be much sooner if you are really focused and take your home business seriously.

They say there is ‘no sight like hindsight’ – however in these situations it won’t do you a bit of good to realize what you should have done. The only thing that will help you is to take action NOW. Protect yourself and your future NOW.

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