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Developing an Online Home Business Start-Up Plan

Be open to all possibilities, and/or keep an open mind while you are formulating a plan on how you will set-up your online home business. Don’t get stuck in a box, at least until you can really try on a few perspectives as to what kind of a business you will have. Then you can determine what that would involve to facilitate as part of a viable home business plan. See what develops. One thing for sure is that there are multiple facets to most really dynamic businesses – whether online or offline. There are many things to consider as you will realize over time, if you are really serious about building your own online business. It can be much more than you can see right now.


There was once a song that had lyrics that included something like “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you get what you need”. So you may have a vision or an idea of what you think your home business will be, and along the way you may discover additional as well as possible alternative techniques and strategies that you would also want to consider including. In time, maybe even a long time from now, you may change course as to which is the best way for you to go forward. At any given juncture in your business development plan you could discover another facet for your business structure and thereby develop an additional stream of income. ‘One brick at a time’.

It is always important to sit down and make a list of your interests and skills, as well as your specific work experience. Really think about what you did at each job you had. What did you do well; what did you like the best. Think of that in terms of the big picture as far as what your actions directly contributed to as part of the business process in that company. This is important so that you know what assets you have to work with. Another resource to consider is the amount of time you have to invest in learning how to and then implementing your business operations procedures; and of course going forward consider how much time you can commit to being engaged in running the business on a day-to-day basis, as well as factoring in time for technical and maintenance functions.

You have to decide how you will handle everything and determine whether you can afford to get any help in the way of online admin/support services, website design, marketing and advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), traffic and list building services, sales and tax accounting. To tell you the truth it is best if you know how to do things for yourself if possible. So even if you can pay someone to do it for you, now or later, you should take control of your own business by knowing how to do everything yourself, not to mention doing it free if you can. In most cases that would be a prerequisite because it seems most people try to start-up a home business when they have few resources in the way of money and sometimes even little time. So either way, you should definitely understand what is going on and what needs to be done so that you are in control.

To be honest starting up a successful online home business is not about how much money you have to invest, so much as it is about how serious, determined and focused you are in starting a real business that will pay you an income in the future. Remember starting-up is just square one. Many people are all fired up and ready to ‘byte the bullet’ (do whatever it takes to start a business); but then they don’t do anything else beyond set it up. They expect it to run itself and not cost them a single dime to operate.

Sometimes people expect everything for free yet they expect to make big money fast. They will be the first to pronounce the program a scam if they don’t see anything in a couple weeks or months. They will never acknowledge that they didn’t really take action and that is why nothing happened. They believe they really tried but what actually happened was a ‘half-hearted’ attempt quit too soon because the only concern was that they were spending a few dollars on membership fees.

So the first thing you should determine before you waste any time or money, is if you are really serious; and then to be sure you would be willing to make sacrifices in making your online home business one of your top priorities over the long-term. Do you have what it takes to stay motivated on your own and to focus on your business without being managed (self-supervision)? These are important considerations. There is nothing to feel guilty about if you don’t, as not everybody is an entrepreneur, and it is just best if you know what you really will or won’t do to get what you want.


Do You Think You Can Start a Successful Online Home Business?

Look at this question this way: You have to think you can. There is so much you can glean from this little saying by Henry Ford: “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right”.

think you can

When you think you can do something then you will try to do it. Conversely, some people will not even try if they think they can’t do something. So they will never know if they could have succeeded. What a waste of potential!

What characteristic would you say is pretty universal in people who are successful? The answer is self-confidence. A person that has this gift will usually always see everything through that lense. They believe in themselves and their abilities and that if they put their mind to it then they can do it.

Sometimes though people will lose their confidence in themselves if they have had critical people in their lives or they have suffered some failures. So they have to work at making themselves feel stronger. Sometimes it takes nothing more than determination and some self-talk to get them over the hump that will allow them to try something new like starting a home business and to believe that it is possible for them to succeed.

Another saying that is so important to remember in this regard is something like ‘the road to success is littered with failures’. We learn from our mistakes and mistakes are not really failures but lessons. So with each mistake we learn what we can and take it with us. We now have more information and have built a little strength of character in that we are still trying even after we made a mistake. ‘Try and try again’.

The only true failure is the one who will not even try or who quits trying just because everything is not immediate. Most things in reality require time and effort to succeed. We need to listen to the voice within us that tells us ‘I think I can’. When we begin to have doubts or we get angry because it appears we have wasted our time on another mistake, we need to not feed that negative energy. Refuse to go there.

A great way to blow those kind of thoughts out of the water is to realize how blessed you are, and to remember all the victories and accomplishments that you have had in your life. Think of specifically what they were and remember the feelings that you had when you had these experiences. Believe in yourself no matter what and always start from that point each day.


Online Home Business Entrepreneur – Bucking Up

One of the most detrimental ‘habits’ or ‘traits’ for anyone doing anything is a sense of entitlement. Nobody owes you anything other than what they have literally agreed to. It is particularly harmful to people who are learning to start their own business if they believe someone else is responsible for their success or failure.

business lady

Being new, being computer illiterate, etc, are not valid excuses where we are entitled to someone else doing our work (unless they have agreed specifically to do so or we are paying them). If we don’t know something then we need to learn it. ‘Information is power’ is certainly true, that is if we use the information to take action. If there is free training available certainly take advantage of it. If necessary pay for training through a community college (online) or some other online resource that is free or inexpensive.

We must take responsibility for our own actions. If we buy something then we should understand everything about it – what are the guarantees, refund policies, etc. If the purchase is a big one, then we are responsible to find out what the reputation of the seller is. What are the features and specifications? Do they meet our needs?

People seem to really have a sense of entitlement when something has been given to them free, which is ironic. Rather than to appreciate what has been given to them and to use it fully to our benefit, we will demand that people provide services or products that they have not offered once we see they are givers. It says a lot about someone if they are greedy and unappreciative.

If we are logical we will understand that in order to afford to give their property away for free, that there must be something in it that might possibly promote their business. For example they give you something free if you will read their newsletter or advertising (and represent a prospective sale) – or they give you something free with the hope that you will upgrade the service or product which might result in some income for their business.

Unless they say they are a charitable organization then you might assume that they are in business to make money – just like you hope to be. There is no crime in that and nobody deserves to be called names or accused of anything for trying to do business – as long as they are honest about it.

Entitlement can really get ugly if the person is not able to achieve what they anticipated in the time they think is reasonable. Then they will blame their sponsor, the program, the government, their parents, etc. Never taking responsibility themselves.

Starting a business is a gamble. If you know going in that you are the one who is responsible to make it work and that if it doesn’t work then you are still the responsible party, you will do much better with your business. This is because for one thing being responsible gives you control. As well, maybe the fact that you realize you are responsible and have control will cause you to take the appropriate actions necessary to make it work, rather than sitting back and waiting for somebody else to do it.

About ‘sitting back and waiting’ this is a fatal error under any circumstances with any business. You need to be engaged on a daily basis. Don’t be fooled by pie in the sky descriptions of home business on ‘autopilot’ – yes some things are automatic but you are the one that needs to pay attention to make sure it is working right, and to promote your business. You need to be very aware even if you are paying someone to do something for you, that it is in fact being done correctly and that there are statistics to prove it. There is no such thing as ‘wealth without work’.

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