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Keep On Keeping On to Start a Successful Home Business

Even if you fail to start a successful home business at this time (or on the first attempt) it is still better than not having tried. ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’. At least you tried (and you can always try again – maybe now or maybe later) or sometimes said ‘try and try again.’

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Sometimes that is what it takes to see ‘the big picture’ – You might get it going on at the front end at the inception of your business – the presentation or ‘first impression’; but then for whatever reason it doesn’t hold true = You don’t find how to gain or generate substance (and/or build momentum). So you didn’t make it on that attempt.”

It may be hard if you can’t get your bearings where you sit right now to perceive how to go forward, and you may feel slightly like dirt because you didn’t get anywhere, all your ‘friends’ warned you, you are eating a lot of crow these days and quite frankly are glad to be done with the chaos of trying to start an online business.

Believe it — there is such a thing as ‘the times’ – there can be so many reasons why at this juncture it just didn’t work out. We can’t usually do anything about that and as they say what we can’t change we must accept’. (and then move on).

We also must learn to go around obstacles that just can’t be resolved – Maybe the way is not clear today – but if you don’t give up your dream or your intention it will come to you some day. You will try again.

No telling what all will motivate you to not give up on your ideas – Maybe normal things like terminally broke, living paycheck to paycheck, just scraping by and sick of it; sick of your job; don’t make enough money to enjoy life. Of course we all know money can’t buy happiness but it sure can be fun to have enough or even a little more than enough!

Yes folks this is where ‘hindsight’ is not as useless as we might feel. ‘If we had known what we know now’! We can analyze what went down in our various attempts to have a successful business and really try to understand what went wrong – and what went right – and use that information to keep building your idea.

Building a business is really an art. Some of the ‘paints’ are our skills, our interests, and our character (strength); but the ‘big picture’ is really the market (consumers). Will they receive and embrace us? We will never know unless we try.

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