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Going Along With the Plan = Staying on Target

In the long-run, the worst time to be an ‘individualist’ or ‘non-conformist’ would be when trying to learn something new or navigate in strange waters. It is very difficult to follow instructions when one is ‘going their own way’. Usually when we are impetuous in this regard, we end up wasting time and resources when we need to do everything over again, since it wasn’t done correctly because we didn’t follow directions.

While being ‘out of the box’ is seen as (and is) mostly always intelligent BECAUSE it diverges from the norm, when learning an ‘art’ or a ‘science’ it can only be logical for us to see at least how something COULD be done (and is). So being really smart AND sensible is staying in the box just long enough to see what is going on with people who know how to (and who are) actually doing something successfully.

They say to gain the mindset of a successful person (and to become one) one of the things that we can do is to hang out with successful people. Get to know what they are like. Pick up on their ‘frame of mind’ – How do they perceive challenges? What are their little anecdotes? What are their strategies and techniques? What’s their ‘Why’? What traits do they have that make them believable or trustworthy to you?

While it would be totally icky to copy or mimic anyone else – it wouldn’t be so bad to let some of their good “luck” rub off on us by having an open mind as to what they are willing to share to help us grow. As they say, ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’, there is no shame in needing to learn how to do something and being able to follow directions if only initially.

If you are starting a business you will find that there will always be ‘trial and error’ but if you can learn from ‘those that have gone before you’ you will reduce the cost of your time and money if you can focus on the right target(s) and take the correct actions.

For management (which you are becoming if you are starting a business) it makes no sense ever to go into a new company and pull the rug out from under it. Even if they are there specifically to improve performance or to mitigate all out failure, they would first need to learn how things are being done to see what works and what doesn’t work. Only then should he or she start to change anything.

So bottom line is no matter how much you think you know and how many really bright ideas you might have, if there is training offered anywhere, take them up on it especially if it is free. You can’t know too much. However starting a business inevitably is more about taking action with what you know than just knowing it.

With that said, you can get in a maze of never believing you know enough to get started and this is a classic big mistake. It’s actually self-sabotage in a way… So take things in stages – take small steps and when you are sure of your footing then it is time to get aggressive to reach your goals. It is very much like a ‘fight’ – you have to be very determined, courageous and undaunted to start a business. The more you learn and have experience, the more confidence you will feel in the process.

You can do it, and you know it!

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