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Working at Home Virtual Reality Plus Reality (Virtuality)

Defining Virtual:
1. very close to being something without actually being it
2. existing or occurring on computers or on the Internet
Merriam Webster Dictionary

virtual vs reality

Defining Virtual Reality, which can be referred to as immersive multimedia or computer-simulated life, replicates an environment that simulates physical presence in… Wikipedia: http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_reality

Reality: Physical presence, actuality. This would be us sitting at our computers in our home office. This is where we need to conduct business. With our trusty Internet connection we have access to virtuality and the massive sea of information and opportunities.

We can learn how to drive traffic on the information super highway (in virtuality) right from home, instead of being stuck in traffic commuting to and from a job for unpaid hours every day in reality. Commuting is a total drudgery that contributes to the destruction of our sense of well-being because it is so much stress, always being in a rush, unable to go fast enough, stuck in a perpetual traffic jam.

If you have ever had to stay home from work for an extended period you will realize how there are so many hours in the day you may have forgotten existed; this is time where you can be productive in different ways as necessary, and alternating with having time to enjoy your space.

Do you commute one hour each way to and from work almost every day? Well if that is 5-days x 2 hours – you have 10-hours where you could be productive or do something healthy and/or extra for your family. So when you are able to earn income from home you start right out with this benefit.

There will also be money saved when you are not commuting, so along with your 10-hours put a couple hundred dollars a month back in your pocket (for example if you spend $5-10 a day for gas, bridge, parking, or mass transit it would be $100-200 liberated spending money!

Wahoo! There is more time to go shopping and more money to spend! Can you see this vs living paycheck to paycheck and spending most of your waking time working or going to and from your job. So this is just the basics and now that we are comfortable and happy we can get down to work and earning income from home!

That’s just Reality – there is no wealth without work. It’s not that there is absolutely no magic in virtual reality because actually there is plenty, technically speaking. Unfortunately money appearing ‘out of thin air’ is not either reality or virtual reality. No matter how lofty our ideals, we must take action to make them real.


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