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Visualize What Your Successful Home Business Would Look Like

Let’s just look at the work you are doing and if you are enjoying it at all or not. Likely when you are starting out you will be working on over-drive. While this is certainly admirable and necessary from time to time, it shouldn’t be the norm. Or do you enjoy being really engaged and focused?

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Realize that you are building over time and you may be on the foundation level at this point. The foundation of course is the most critical level because everything that happens after that is built on that premise. So it may be best to get all ducks in a row at least to some degree, if only conceptually at this point before we try to proceed.

Be real as far as what you believe you can accomplish in the short and mid-range target goals. What would it be like if 3-6 months from now, you were happy with what you did so far and know you are making progress even if you can’t see it yet?

Maybe in 12 months you are now starting to see substantial results of the actions you took in the past up to this point. Now if you just keep up your momentum it will start to ‘run itself’ (to some degree). This is sometimes referred to as autopilot. What a lovely concept – it is what it is and it does quite a bit to give you some freedom again. So take a deep breath and then keep on going in the right direction!

It’s really now more about ‘working smarter rather than harder’ – maybe upgrading some of your tools, services and/or equipment; creating ways to do things better – in a more efficient, organized way; maybe attend a webinar, download an eBook or take an online class or two. Keep growing.

It may be at that point you can see that there are always more things to learn before you can really make even more progress and things happen a lot faster. OK now you are finally really on your way. What would ideally be your level of involvement at this juncture? Would you be a ‘hands-on’ person (like a coach or consultant) or a delegator and remote like an executive?

Some of these issues really border on being related to whether you ‘work to live or live to work’. Probably that depends on how you look at that and give it either a positive or negative connotation. One thing is for sure – whatever it is, it is much easier if you can enjoy doing it and if not that you can afford to have it done for you while you enjoy your life otherwise!


Take Control Where You Can – Start a Business from Home

If you are still working at a job, hopefully you like what you are doing, are being paid fairly and will be able to keep the position. None of the above is a given. Sometimes we must do things we are not crazy about just to support ourselves, sometimes we are not paid what we are worth or as much as we need to live well; sometimes we find our job is gone through no fault of our own. That’s the way it is.


The idea is to be prepared for any eventuality. It is a really tough thing to be worried about it after the fact. For example it is Friday afternoon at work and you get a ‘pink slip’ out of the clear blue sky. If they have any decency at all (and are in a position to), they are giving you pay in lieu of notice or at least notice of 14 to 30-days. (Friday is the day industry recommends letting people go as this gives them the weekend to recover from the shock and they don’t have much time to sabotage anything before they clock out).

It comes down to finding out how you will survive until you find another job. You take stock of what you have in the way of your pay during the ‘notice’ period, any accrued vacation they may pay you for, any severance pay (which is sometimes like 1-2-weeks pay for every year of service). If you are being ‘laid off, you do qualify for unemployment insurance right off the bat. For other situations in losing your job (fired, etc) you need to consult with the EDD office in your state, but it is believed that only people who quit their jobs would not qualify for at least some benefits as they do take the money out of our paychecks to fund that.

Then you need to take stock of your savings, pension or 401k plans. Really terrible if you need to tap those but it is good to know that they stand between you and sleeping under the freeway if you can’t find a job any time soon. Don’t have a cavalier attitude about that because during job recessions even executives and professionals sometimes have a very hard time finding work, particularly if they are over 40 or so.

If you have been wise you will have already at least started a business from home part-time or even as a hobby, that given full-time attention could be another source of income for you. If not then it can be really tough to be looking for a job at the same time as you are trying to start a business. Being that it takes time and consistent effort for a new business to develop, you should try to find at least part-time work first, if you aren’t prepared for this crisis.


Start a Business at Home and Fortify Your Survival

There are so many reasons why having an extra income would work really well. If you are like many people who live paycheck-to-paycheck, there is rarely anything to ‘save’ unless you are very disciplined about it. It may take some real, tangible goal to motivate you to save money. However it is still true ‘you can’t get blood out of a turnip’.

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You might want to save money for a ‘rainy day’ aka an emergency, where perhaps you have medical or dental co-payments, or your car breaks down. Something of this nature can really bite if you are already stretching things just to get by. Another total crisis would be losing your job suddenly and trying to piece things together to get by until you find a new position. Having money saved would make the stress of this situation so much easier.

Or maybe you are stressed about your bills and how you have really over-extended yourself with your credit cards. You will never catch up making the minimum payments and having money saved to use instead of using a credit card will be the result of paying down or even paying off your credit balance once and for all. You will experience true peace of mind if you do not have a large debt hanging over you.

Another scenario is reaching retirement age and realizing you are going to have a horrible time trying to survive on the meager social security that made your paychecks much smaller all during your career. If you do not have substantial pension and investments like most average people don’t, this is a really serious situation. You probably should start worrying about it way before it is time to retire in your 60s.

So any of these examples can also be your motivation to start a business at home to earn and save extra money BEFORE you find yourself in a crisis. It will take a few dollars to get it started up and developed and if you realize that is the reality it won’t discourage you when you wonder why you are spending money when you are trying to save it.

That’s life, however you will find particularly if you can start an online business, that the expenses are probably 1/10th or even less of what they would be if you were trying to open an office or a store (brick and mortar) and therefore the point at which you can start making a profit will be much sooner if you are really focused and take your home business seriously.

They say there is ‘no sight like hindsight’ – however in these situations it won’t do you a bit of good to realize what you should have done. The only thing that will help you is to take action NOW. Protect yourself and your future NOW.

Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

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