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Goal Setting for the New Home Business Entrepreneur

There is a fine art to setting goals in a way that will actually help you accomplish your objectives for your home business. Above all else be realistic; Goals like ‘be a millionaire by Friday’ just will not suffice – even by Monday! Make it something that is achievable by your direct actions over time so that you do not become discouraged if you do not reach your target goals and then resign yourself to giving up on the whole idea!

the sky is the limit!

So the goals need to be realistic and in this case maybe you want to take your million in chunks – and remember, you have to crawl before you can learn to walk. Realistic would be for example ‘make $100 a week in 3 months’ and when you achieve that then up the ante to ‘make $100 a day by next year’. Remember as well that to keep it realistic you have to actually take the actions that are necessary to achieve your goal. In this case, that would be by marketing and advertising your business.

No doubt you have heard the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. What does this mean to you? It means you will need to work at it for a while to develop your home business, taking all things into consideration. Things that will affect the length of time it may take to have substantial business, are things such as the amount of effort you invest, how much money you may have for operating expenses, the market for the product, service or opportunity you are promoting, and the economic environment.

Any of these elements may either work to your advantage to facilitate reaching your goal, or they may be obstacles that present a challenge. With this you just always need to find ways to go around anything that stands in your way – whether internal or external factors are at play. You really have to fight your way to ‘the top’ sometimes. So many things in the world would never have happened unless people were diligent and determined to make it so.

There is another saying about the road to success being littered with failures. So it is important that if you have been trying one strategy that hasn’t worked, and you feel you have really given it a fair chance as far as really applying your effort and giving it time to produce results, then you may need to just cut your losses and start fresh with a new strategy. Or maybe just tweak the current one – maybe something you could add or remove that would make it work better. The point is to start over and never quit trying.

It is a big help if you are able to emphasize the actions you need to take to achieve your target goals. If that means writing them down by way of a ‘to do’ list, business plan or schedule, staying on track with your list will help you to reach your goal. If you have a written plan of some kind (and you well should), then refer to it all the time on a regular basis to help yourself stay focused on what you need to do.

Bottom line is believe you will succeed no matter what, where, when or how. Just know YOU CAN DO IT if you try. If it takes an extra year from what you projected, or whatever, then that is the way it is. If you REALLY want what you want you will have it eventually in some way, shape or form. Be open-minded to the degree that ‘the sky is the limit’.


Your New Home Business – Get It Together

Organization and planning are key to functioning efficiently. Think of a piece of paper – how does it make you feel when it is blank – like you need to do something? Now what does it make you feel when it is all scribbled up, crossed out, notated, or even stained with coffee mug ring – like you want to escape?

This piece of paper analogy can be seen as your mind. You need to find a starting point in which you can logically plan and organize your business activities. So start with your office space itself – whether that is a whole room or just a desk or table where you have your PC.

Clear out all the things that do not relate to the business at hand – if you have a lot of little junk then find a box, jar or bowl to put things in. For papers either throw them out or find a folder or box for them if you don’t have a cabinet or drawer.

Using this same principle, consider your email account. Is your inbox total chaos? For things you want to keep, you can create folders or ‘labels’ – whether you like alphabetical – for example A-D, E-J, K-P, etc; or to name them by function, ‘List Builders’, ‘Marketing’, ‘Invoices’, ‘Legal’, etc; or by name of organization, ‘ABC Co’, ‘Acme Widgets’, etc. Then just check the little boxes on the inbox index to name a group of emails at once, label them or send them to the folders (archive). Voila! ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Clear sailing ahead.

Obviously if there are actual things you do need to read or respond to maybe you can make a ‘pending’ folder so that you don’t forget something. You will find however that the vast majority of your mail does not need to clutter up your inbox and your mind. No need to become aversive to your mail because it is such a burden to deal with every day. It will seem less so if you have a mechanism to get it out of your face.

Now that you have cleared some space for yourself, you can think with a clear mind. This will make you much more likely to comprehend what you are reading and follow up with things where it is necessary than it is when you have the feeling that you are drowning or smothering. If your email is too cumbersome it will create a feeling in you that you do not want to deal with something that is unpleasant every day.

The same principle should be applied to your documents – You may save them in each application or you may also make folders for those within the ‘My documents’ folder so that you can find important information without an archaeology dig. Make folders with somewhat broad classifications as you don’t want to do overkill and make it too tedious.

It’s up to you whether you use categories for example by months, or by functions, ‘procedures’ or ‘instructions’, ‘accounts payable’, ‘accounts receivable’. Then as time goes on you may even wish to have folders with years where you can move all the other categories – this makes it a lot easier to find things you haven’t seen in a long time.

It is important that you keep your work area clear of clutter and a good rule of thumb is nothing should be there that does not pertain to work. With online business, not really very much is outside of your PC, but if you invest a few dollars in some office supplies, don’t forget the folders and maybe a crate to keep them in.

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