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For Best Results, Don’t Rush Your Home Business Start-Up

A good analogy of how things can’t be rushed in the logical (real) world, is that of a crop which must be nurtured to grow. Nobody puts the seeds in the ground and then turns around and clicks their heels three times to see a brand new baby tree! It takes preparation, maintenance, and patience!

For best results someone would prepare the soil, plant the seeds, fertilize it, and then water it a little at a time every day. Eventually they would see little sprouts and with any luck eventually they would grow into a baby vegetable. You may pick it at that point in some cases or in others you would continue to watch it grow into a mature plant. At that point it would need to be washed and cooked or in some way prepared to eat it in most cases.

With a business it is just plain silly for people to believe that somehow – (magic?) they will join an affiliate program or get a web page online and then expect something to materialize right away. They may make some attempt for a short-time to promote it but for some reason they can’t seem to conceive of the fact that one or two times or even 50 or 100 times will not necessarily produce anything.

You may have read somewhere the very apt description of marketing and advertising requiring TIME to create and sustain momentum. This is in part because not everybody who sees an ad will respond. It is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. You have to eliminate all the people who are not interested in what you have to find the few that will in fact show an interest and respond.

You have to keep whatever you are doing up long enough and let’s even say in perpetuity if you ever want to have a real business that generates income. You can’t stop just because you make one sale because now you must find the second one and so forth. Your business may involve one-time-only sales or if you are an affiliate marketer, residual income. While the latter lets you continue to earn income in the future from the initial sale, there is still the fact that people will quit and you will need to find new sources of income.

There is another belief in the Internet marketing industry that it is not usually the first time someone sees something that they will respond – would you believe most likely the 5th or 6th time? So there you go with another reason why you must build and sustain momentum if your business involves sales and marketing. You need to pump up the volume over the long-run!

The point being that you need to work it over time in the big picture. You need to be methodical, consistent and most of all very aggressive. None of this is possible if you are expecting substantial results within days or weeks of beginning. If you quit too soon because you can’t see any results, you will just be wasting your effort and time and you will never know if you could have succeeded if you had been realistic.

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