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Do you Live to Work or Work to Live?

There are definitely two types of people (at least) in this regard. Some people just love to work and their job is their priority. They enjoy doing it and look forward to it. Others merely go through the motions to get the paycheck. Their interests lie elsewhere if they have any.

They may be more involved with hobbies or avocations, or maybe they are struggling artists. Pretty common to hear the expression ‘starving artists’ and that’s because for some reason they usually have many years of creating art that doesn’t earn them enough money to live. Many times they have no sense of business so they mismanage everything. This is really sad but something about the struggle must contribute to developing their talent.

Whether we live to work or work to live , the difference may depend a lot on whether you are fortunate enough to have a job where you are doing what you love to do or not.

Everybody knows some times it is necessary to do whatever we can to support ourselves – ‘any port in a storm’ and it may not be our ‘cup of tea’. This is okay for a limited time but if it becomes a career it can become a real psychological drain on someone; like an ‘uphill battle’.

After all, besides sleeping, our work takes up a huge proportion of our life. When measured in time, we should really try to be happy with what we are doing – or even are forced to be doing. It is really an art that takes some strength of character to remain positive even in a negative situation. If we are in a situation where we are not really being stimulated mentally or some other issue like not enough money or even ugly politics are making us unhappy, we need to try to change it.

In this day and age we can’t just throw away a job, because the days where we knew ‘when one door closes another one opens’ is not necessarily so. We are fortunate if we have a way to support ourselves on any decent level. The thing is if we really want more, then we have to believe that we can have more and then we have to do something about it.

Obviously if we love to work it will be a lot easier if we have to start a business on the side to supplement our income, or even perhaps to start mapping out a plan of escape from our rut. Working at home to build a business is one way you can get creative and develop something you like doing.

Just the feeling of taking control of your life (especially if you have felt trapped) can be liberating and give you a real new ‘breath of fresh air’. We all must work to live but obviously if we are going to have more than one job to make a big change, we will need to be one who lives to work. If it doesn’t come natural for you, you will need to psyche yourself up to make it seem so.

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