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Challenge Yourself to Increase Your Income Right Now

If we have a job then our income is limited to our standing agreement with our employer. If we are fortunate this is reviewed each year in our performance evaluation and if the company is doing ok you may receive a merit increase and/or a cost of living increase. Sometimes though you don’t receive any increases for a few years or more, again depending on the health of the company.

Health of the company can infer a few things other than how well they are doing financially speaking. It can also refer to mental or psychological health. This is dictated largely by the corporation but more directly by management. An antagonistic, hostile manager or supervisor who is incapable of motivating employees can really make people sick. After all we spend most of our waking life working and if we don’t feel appreciated or make enough money to enjoy life, it can really take a toll.

Sometimes management feels you are being paid well enough and they may purposely ignore what you do that is ‘beyond expectations’ because they don’t want to give you more money. In an atmosphere such as this there is little to motivate people to push themselves to excel at what they do. There can be a consequent environment of people merely taking up a chair for 8-hours, doing just enough to get by. Is it any wonder?

With all that said, it is also true that in this day and age we are fortunate even to have a lousy job. However there is no reason to be trapped by what we can’t control (our employer, etc). By taking control of our own life and giving it some extra energy to start our own business at home, we can overcome any negativity we must endure.

It will be a challenge to add one more priority to our lives, and to fit it in with the day job, the commute, the family duties, etc., but if we want to get out of the maze and ‘exceed expectations’ then we will need to make some sacrifices of our ‘leisure time’. We can be productive from home in a more relaxed and much freer and friendlier environment.

If we are willing to do the time now, we can get it running and after we have developed our plans and ideas and implemented them, a good deal of the business can run on ‘autopilot’. Then we can start going back to having more time to relax and have fun – and we may have the extra money to do it. Take control now and push yourself forward until you can again feel good about what you accomplish.

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