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Let’s just look at the work you are doing and if you are enjoying it at all or not. Likely when you are starting out you will be working on over-drive. While this is certainly admirable and necessary from time to time, it shouldn’t be the norm. Or do you enjoy being really engaged and focused?

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Realize that you are building over time and you may be on the foundation level at this point. The foundation of course is the most critical level because everything that happens after that is built on that premise. So it may be best to get all ducks in a row at least to some degree, if only conceptually at this point before we try to proceed.

Be real as far as what you believe you can accomplish in the short and mid-range target goals. What would it be like if 3-6 months from now, you were happy with what you did so far and know you are making progress even if you can’t see it yet?

Maybe in 12 months you are now starting to see substantial results of the actions you took in the past up to this point. Now if you just keep up your momentum it will start to ‘run itself’ (to some degree). This is sometimes referred to as autopilot. What a lovely concept – it is what it is and it does quite a bit to give you some freedom again. So take a deep breath and then keep on going in the right direction!

It’s really now more about ‘working smarter rather than harder’ – maybe upgrading some of your tools, services and/or equipment; creating ways to do things better – in a more efficient, organized way; maybe attend a webinar, download an eBook or take an online class or two. Keep growing.

It may be at that point you can see that there are always more things to learn before you can really make even more progress and things happen a lot faster. OK now you are finally really on your way. What would ideally be your level of involvement at this juncture? Would you be a ‘hands-on’ person (like a coach or consultant) or a delegator and remote like an executive?

Some of these issues really border on being related to whether you ‘work to live or live to work’. Probably that depends on how you look at that and give it either a positive or negative connotation. One thing is for sure – whatever it is, it is much easier if you can enjoy doing it and if not that you can afford to have it done for you while you enjoy your life otherwise!

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