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Starting a New Online Business Opportunity & Keeping It Real

There is a lot of excitement when you are shopping for online business opportunities. It is not unlike the rush that shoppers get when they buy things! However there is just an additional rush of adrenaline or something when we believe we are on our way to success. Sometimes we just want to keep repeating that sensation so we keep on joining more and more programs, signing up for more information, and buying more and more gadgets.

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To add to the excitement, there is the fact that we may have signed up for recurring payments and we don’t want to waste a single second because the clock is always ticking. So then on top of everything else, we get in a big rush. Unfortunately that recurring payment becomes our main focus. It shouldn’t. We need to understand where we are. We are investing in our own potential success. It’s just ‘the cost of doing business’.

There is a snarky remark with regard to this, and that is that if we are afraid to invest even a small amount of money in our own business, then what we actually need is another job, not to have a business. The same concept rings true for having to work without being paid when we are creating and developing our own business. If it is a deal breaker to you to get paid for every minute you spend working, then again, you need a job, not your own business.

So with that said, the focus should be on learning and getting your bearings by first doing your due diligence; then finding out what you have to do, and learning how to do it. Then we can get started to take action with everything we have going for us so far. Needless to say this is a very bad time to rush anything. Maybe even in retrospect if we did our planning, including budgeting, scheduling, taking stock, then maybe we could relax more after the deed has been done (the first membership payment).

Some of the most important information you need to get, digest and keep is with regard to the compensation plan and what is actually involved. What are the conditions where you can earn money? Do they have a refund policy? What is it exactly? It is a rude awakening and one that sometimes can be the death knell to a business idea if you suddenly learn the truth and it is nowhere near what you had imagined or misconstrued about what was being said in this regard.

This refers to the commissions you can earn. You need to also understand any protocols as far as your upline and downline and how they all work hand in hand. In other words for example are there ‘pass ups’? This is where your upline (sponsors) would get the commission for your sale – maybe the first one, maybe the third one, maybe both (and when you are upline you will do the same). It may be that there is a complex organizational structure you need to understand.

You really need to analyze this to clearly determine whether you can accept the terms. In most cases there are legitimate reasons why the company may have different rules and regulations. You should make every attempt to understand them and to also be real about all that you can expect to receive from the company. In most cases you will find that they are indeed justified and you are getting something that is definitely worth it. If you don’t agree then you should be free to change your mind at any point (no contracts); but keep in mind that if their policy is ’30-day refund’ that it is perfectly ethical for them to refuse to refund your money on day 31.

This is most apparent if you imagine that you are doing everything yourself from scratch. You will usually find that you would need to invest way, way more money into your business without the programs and the resources they are willing to share with you. Even if at the end of the day you decide for some reason not to do that particular program, what you have learned, whether positive or negative is part of your growth and experience. You shouldn’t begrudge them whatever small amount of money you may have paid.

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