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Success = Mindset Plus Action

It is believed that if you have a positive attitude and have faith in yourself that you can do most anything you set out to do within reason. We must not forget that just ‘feeling good’ won’t do anything except maybe make you happy and you may even live longer as a result. However it does not get the job done. You have to take your positive attitude and put it to work for you by taking action.


The experts lately are telling people there are 3 parts to a successful mindset. #1 To be grateful for all of your blessings. This is not just money but includes talents and skills, your health and your entire lifestyle. Sometimes this is hard for us to realize when we have so many problems and ‘times are tough’ almost all the time now.

It is sad to realize how many people do not have the benefits that you enjoy – if you need to get down to the very basics, understand you are blessed just to have clean drinking water – many do not; many are starving literally to death every day or dying from preventable diseases. You can see how much better you have it than they do. Hopefully you don’t have to go that far and you can actually enumerate the many things you have had and continue to have going for you that are well above the basic survival level. Remember that every day if you need to.

#2 To have an abundance consciousness. This one goes with the parable ‘look at the glass half-full rather than half-empty’ – think about that. Half-full is good. Half-empty seems like there is something to worry about – the amount in the glass is exactly the same either way. Why not look at things on the positive side and know that you enjoy abundance. Feel that you are rich and you will be is how the concept goes.

#3 Look for opportunities. Things rarely ‘fall in your lap’ from out of nowhere. Usually you are in the ‘right place at the right time’ and you are able to benefit from the opportunities that present themselves. You can take this down to basics too if you imagine that you want a blue sweater – you can sit there and want it for a long time and it will not magically appear in your closet one day. You would need to go to the mall and start looking through stores at all the sweaters to find the one that you like.

This is all relevant to the mindset that is required to do things that are ‘out of the box’ – like starting your own business or creating a product or service. Or even if you like it in the box, then you likely would want to be promoted to a high-paying position, to have wonderful relationships and to be excellent at everything that you endeavor to accomplish. There is a lot to be said for believing that you can – but only if you take action to do it.

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