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Starting a New Business – You Will or You Will Try

When you say you ‘will’ do something you are making a very positive, emphatic statement. You are determined and there is no possibility in your mind that anything but success will be the result. However when you say you ‘will try’, that is wishy-washy – it implies you may fail and that you are not convinced that you can accomplish whatever it is.

Since no one can know the future we don’t in fact absolutely know we will succeed without a doubt but it is important to our mindset that we do not entertain any doubt because it will weaken our resolve. It is very important to understand this distinction because when you are starting a new business everything is unknown – what to do, how to do it, which things work best, what doesn’t work, etc. So if ‘seeing is believing’ then what must walking in faith be? It is believing in the unseen.

This is obviously much more difficult and that is why we really need to have mental discipline in order to remain motivated through long ‘dry’ periods where we may not see any results or have any clue if what we are doing is going to work. First of all we must believe in our self. We must know that we can do whatever we set out to do. If we have had failures in the past then it may help to analyze those and see what you may have done to create that result – or more likely didn’t do. What can you do to change it this time around?

It may be important that you write things down and even if you just throw them away when you are done with your analysis, they will help you to focus on the issue because you can see it in front of you. Lists are always good when making a decision or determining anything. It will work nicely to have a straight line right down the middle of a piece of paper, with positive and negative issues – or causes and effect listed together.

Again the first step to success is believing in yourself and your ability. This way when you encounter obstacles which you invariably will, you will learn how to overcome them one way or another. Without missing a beat you will learn how to do things you didn’t know how to do until you needed to, and you will be able to sort things out – after giving things a fair chance, adjusting things to see if doing something slightly differently will make a difference; or getting rid of what doesn’t work and replacing it with something else that does.

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