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Don’t Just Work to Earn Money, Fight to Make a Profit

Making a profit is usually always beyond the level of income that you have with a job if you are an average person without a professional/academic degree. They paid the dues on the front-end and many struggled to go to school for years at great expense of both time and energy. Many times they had to have jobs that paid minimum wage.

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We may have to work a little harder and a little longer and might never make as much, but no reason we can’t have enough or even plenty of money. We can, if we can find a way to have multiple streams of income which might ‘even out’ or equate to a decent amount of money when added together with our day job wages or salary.

Yes two jobs. Day job and night and weekend job online. You heard it was called a home office – when in fact it can become like living in an office. For example, like when you are having so much fun working at home that you find yourself logging back on at 12:00 midnight on Friday night to do something or other; great fun and then you will know what it means to live at your office.

This is ok at special times but it is probably actually healthier if you work at home the majority of the time, if you have a life offline. You can’t go home from the office when you work at home. So that is part of the discipline that you need to work at home – you need to be able to put things away as you would when you leave from your job.

No matter what, we need to have moderation in all things whether they are good things or not so much. You need to have time for you and your family if you have one. ‘You’ are very likely a human who needs rest and relaxation no matter how much responsibility you have.

It may help if we focus on trying to enjoy our work and feel thankful that we have it rather than to feel stress and fear about our financial situation which may be the reason we are working twice as hard as most people! It’s a whole different atmosphere obviously to be happy with what you are doing.

Never fear! The whole idea is someday you will be able to quit your day job! Not really realistic to quit too soon – be sure you can replace your salary and insurance benefits with your home business for a while before you take the leap. There are rarely any absolute guarantees like a set salary and paychecks at the same frequency. You never know. So that is why it is best to be sure you know what you are doing as far as you can see.

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