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Starting a Business – Do What You Love and Love What You Do

It is absolutely true that we do best at what we like to do. In your career you are very fortunate if you have a job that you completely love. This might only really be possible if you decided early in your life what you want to ‘be’ and took the action to get the education or training to do what you wanted to do. Starting a business is another chance.

love what u do

Many people see a job as only a means to an end – it pays the bills. They tolerate it out of necessity only. Within reason they are willing to put in the time and follow the directions to keep that position. Some will try to exceed expectations so that they might be promoted to a better-paying job someday.

If that doesn’t happen in a reasonable period of time, and they have confidence and self-esteem, they will make a promotion happen even if they have to look outside of their present company to find a better job. Or if you are very creative and brave, you may develop your own business.

Long gone are the days when people got a job and stayed there for their entire career, slowly and sometimes painfully ‘working themselves up the corporate ladder’. In fact in some cases when it comes to ‘downsizing’ or ‘workforce reduction’ in our economic climate for the past few decades, it is often those that are the higher paid or more experienced employees that are cut.

Unfortunately loving your job and doing your very best doesn’t count for anything when a company has decided to make changes. They do not see people – they see positions. It is hard for us to understand how they can be so cold, but ‘that’s business’. It’s about the bottom line, making the most profit and not about doing what is right for the employees necessarily.

So if you are in a position to start a business of your own, you might as well do something that you love to do if possible; or another way to look at it is to do what you have to do and love it. Sometimes there has to be trade-offs – so you may be required to perform some tasks you are not crazy about. To stay on top of this, you may have to enumerate the things you do love about working at home, and there is a lot to love.

If you are starting out and have to work a day job and create ‘spare’ time to nurture a budding business, it will not be as easy to realize what is so preferable about working from your home unless you really like what you are doing; or at the very least might be doing something in an industry that you find attractive or necessary.

Think about how great doing your work at the time(s) when you feel like it is, and having the freedom to do something else whenever the opportunity arises (and do the work later of course); think about all the money you are saving on transportation to and from a job – add it up – the gas, parking, bridge tolls, etc; then realize how much you will not miss the stress of commuting in traffic and all that this can involve, for example (the freeway that is more like a parking lot during rush hour(s).

Just these alone are major things to love about having your own business at home! In addition, you can enjoy the peaceful, quiet atmosphere and just the feeling of control you will have by taking charge of your own life; …and it would even add more impetus to ‘work it’ if it is something that you are interested in – for example if you can create a business from a hobby or interest that you have. This would go a long way to encourage you to expend your energy in that direction.

There is a saying that is ‘some people work to live and others live to work’ – You have to really enjoy working to set yourself up with a day job and a part-time home business – of course the idea there is to someday quit the day job and to support yourself entirely from your own business at home!


If You Can’t Find a Job – Create One

Frankly for financial reasons it is a lot more ideal if you can develop a part-time business when you still have an income to support yourself. However if you are not prepared when you lose your job, you can still work it out if you are really focused, disciplined and determined to land on your feet.

create a job

You have to be realistic, no matter how shocking it is to lose your job unexpectedly. Take a few days to digest the information and get your bearings. If you are being laid off in a workforce reduction the theory is to let you know on a Friday. This is so it doesn’t disrupt your job performance during the week and so that you will have a few non-business days to get used to the idea that you have nowhere to go on Monday.

Typically they have known about this for some time but do not let you know because they want to lessen the chances of sabotage or other problems. This let’s you know that where your employer is concerned, you are not a person, just a position. They have their bottom line and it is nothing personal, so don’t feel bad if you can help it. It may seem brutal and it is, but that is reality.

However the better companies would at least give you severance pay based on your length of employment with them and pay your for any unused vacation time that you have. The fact that you are being let go without cause in most states automatically entitles you to unemployment insurance. So all that together with anything you have saved is what you have to work with.

Start right here with creating a budget and a plan for how you will survive and pay your bills until you find another income. You might be very surprised if you take stock in how much you have been spending just to go to and from work. You can factor that in to money you now have available that you didn’t have before. This refers primarily to transportation – gas expense or mass transit costs, bridge tolls and parking; and it also can include child care, grooming and wardrobe costs, lunches out, etc. It really adds up when you start to itemize it.

If you have little or no employment severance benefits and no savings, then your first priority is to find a job at least part-time or temporary. If you are looking at the job boards online you will invariably start seeing ‘business opportunities’ and ‘earning money from home’ etc. Be careful here and do not ever feel that you are desperate and need to take unnecessary risks or compromise your identity. However you can start to do a little research – but again, focus on getting an income coming in the fastest way you can – and that is usually another job. One very good way to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ is to work for a temporary agency.

Starting a business takes time – there is a learning curve and you need time to implement what you learn. Then of course contrary to what it may seem you are reading, it does take time to produce results. So you are a ways away from an income. That is why you first need to ensure your survival so that you can then focus on doing everything you can to build your business.

Besides your financial budget, you should also schedule your time each day, because you need to see your actions to find an income as the job that you have now. Don’t get lost on the Internet – focus only on seeing what jobs are available, get the contact information and make an appointment for an interview if possible. Of course you will need to create a decent resume for this purpose going in. Just make a note about business opportunities for starting a home business and refer back to them later.

So say out of an 8 hour day you spend 2 hours on the Internet and because you have an interview, with travel time etc you want to schedule 3 hours to get ready and go. That leaves 3 hours in your workday and you can spend this time researching starting your own business. Once you determine what you want to do then you can spend the time implementing that (… and this would be another plan you need to create).

You will be so productive and busy that you will not have a minute to regret any doors that have closed and can really see your new life as an exciting adventure that is so much more stimulating than the ‘same-old-same-old’ rut you were in. If you focus you will not only survive nicely but you will find that your former employer really did you a favor by letting you go!


Starting an Online Business – Don’t Be ‘Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish’

If somebody reputable offered you hundreds of dollars worth of resources with no obligation/contracts, if you would only pay ten dollars, wouldn’t you think it would be logical to accept the offer? There are those that are so very ignorant of reality that they will only hear you when you say ‘free’ and of course they will gladly accept that.


Everybody likes free and it is a great marketing ploy to get people’s attention, as well as to give them a ‘leg up’ in starting a business. However, as snarky as it may sound, somebody who is afraid to spend $10 on their own business really needs a job, not a business. Oh, you honestly don’t have $10? Then again, you really need a job. Maybe you can manage to save $10 and hope that the offer is still good by the time you get it.

As they say, you ‘can’t get something for nothing’. So although you may gladly accept something free when it comes to starting a business, there is going to be something you need to do to make the best use of it. For example if someone gave you some Internet marketing tools for your business, what is gained if you don’t learn to use them? If you said ‘nothing’ then you are right about that.

While there are many techniques and strategies you can do for free on the Internet to develop your business, you might as well face it there will probably be a few dollars involved one way or the other. Since you are investing in yourself, this shouldn’t bother you that much.

It is extremely painful for some people to realize that someone else may be making a few dollars on the deal, but that is the way business works. It is the same way it will eventually work for you. Of course there won’t be anything intrinsically wrong with that, though, is there? That is why you are starting a business –- to make money. So please try to understand that all businesses, even generous ones that give things away for free, need to make money.

Don’t assume that successful businesses had it easy and just walked in and sat down at the top of the charts. They worked hard. They sacrificed time and money. The made mistakes and paid for them. Because they stuck it out and had the discipline to see it through, eventually they ‘made it’. It could happen for you too – but of all the skills that having a business requires, the number one is about having the right attitude (free). :-)

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