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Starting an Online Business – Don’t Be ‘Penny-Wise and Pound-Foolish’

If somebody reputable offered you hundreds of dollars worth of resources with no obligation/contracts, if you would only pay ten dollars, wouldn’t you think it would be logical to accept the offer? There are those that are so very ignorant of reality that they will only hear you when you say ‘free’ and of course they will gladly accept that.


Everybody likes free and it is a great marketing ploy to get people’s attention, as well as to give them a ‘leg up’ in starting a business. However, as snarky as it may sound, somebody who is afraid to spend $10 on their own business really needs a job, not a business. Oh, you honestly don’t have $10? Then again, you really need a job. Maybe you can manage to save $10 and hope that the offer is still good by the time you get it.

As they say, you ‘can’t get something for nothing’. So although you may gladly accept something free when it comes to starting a business, there is going to be something you need to do to make the best use of it. For example if someone gave you some Internet marketing tools for your business, what is gained if you don’t learn to use them? If you said ‘nothing’ then you are right about that.

While there are many techniques and strategies you can do for free on the Internet to develop your business, you might as well face it there will probably be a few dollars involved one way or the other. Since you are investing in yourself, this shouldn’t bother you that much.

It is extremely painful for some people to realize that someone else may be making a few dollars on the deal, but that is the way business works. It is the same way it will eventually work for you. Of course there won’t be anything intrinsically wrong with that, though, is there? That is why you are starting a business –- to make money. So please try to understand that all businesses, even generous ones that give things away for free, need to make money.

Don’t assume that successful businesses had it easy and just walked in and sat down at the top of the charts. They worked hard. They sacrificed time and money. The made mistakes and paid for them. Because they stuck it out and had the discipline to see it through, eventually they ‘made it’. It could happen for you too – but of all the skills that having a business requires, the number one is about having the right attitude (free). :-)


Be Flexible In Your Home Business Start-Up Plan

A good analogy is the difference between water and earth. Water is able to flow over, under and through any solid matter. Earth on the other hand is solid and has various limitations about where it can go and what it can do. You want to be able to ‘go with the flow’ wherever it leads at any given time. There will be obstacles almost certainly but you do not want them to ever stop you. You need to learn how to go around them if you can’t resolve them.

You want to be able to move in whatever direction you find is conducive to business. If the niche or market you have chosen is not showing any promise then at the very least you should have the ability to add additional products or services so as to fit into another niche. This is one reason why the ‘multiple streams of income’ concept is so wise. In that case the premise (for one thing) is that if one stream is not moving or has even dried up, it won’t be as serious to your bottom line if you have others that may still be performing.

Whether you are talking about business opportunities (streams of income) or you are referring to your strategies and techniques (advertising and marketing), don’t have any ‘sacred cows’. Give things a fair chance and certainly if you have it on good authority that something is effective and has been recommended, really try to make it work over a period of time. If not then let it go and try something else.

Almost nothing in this life works instantly and a week or a month is certainly not enough time to really be able to give anything a fair chance. It is so ridiculous to hear people whine and cry after a week that they have ‘tried everything’ and ‘spent X number of dollars’ and nothing is working. They are just sure that something is wrong. What is wrong is their unrealistic fantasy mindset.

Just because something is on the Internet it does not mean that it will be effective instantly. It is true that starting an online business is 100’s of times cheaper and faster than starting an offline business, but that is still not to say that effort and time – reality – is not required. That is something that really needs to be realized and acknowledged from the get-go.

No matter who you are listening to as far as how successful they are and how they are really enjoying their wealth and leisure, without any doubt this person had to pay his dues to accomplish anything, whether or not that is part of what he chooses to share with you. So get ready to work and always remember to ‘get real’.


Starting an Online Business – Focus is your Friend

‘Focus’ may be one of those ‘by-words’ that people just take for granted that they understand. They believe they are focused because they commit to sit down at their computer and ‘do’ business for X number of hours. If you really take stock though of what you are spending your time on, you will find that much of it is actually wasting your time and in fact you are not focused at all on what you need to do; the worst part is if you foster that type of activity you will start to spin your wheels.

Spinning wheels means you are not going anywhere. You are not making any progress and you just start to sink like quicksand in all the information. Then you may figure you just can’t handle it or it just isn’t for you because you just don’t understand it all. Spinning your wheels is cousin to ‘information overload’ and ‘paralysis by analysis’. It also has relationship to what may be called ‘the kid in the candy shop’ who wants one of those and two of these and five of that. He will end up with a tummy ache and if you are talking information as candy you will end up with a headache. (candy being an analogy for biz opps, tools and gimmicks addiction).

The number one reason we do this is because we are always looking for that magic sauce. You will be the one that discovers that amazing secret that people who are making it know. Every day you will see a new, exciting email or ad that promises you the moon – the ‘don’t leave home without it’ thing that will carry you head and shoulders above the rest. It is notable that while we are doing this, we are ignoring the instructions we already have, not doing what the experts we already trust are telling us what to do.

It is true there is just so much information coming at us from all directions when we are first starting out. Especially if we are looking at ‘free’, because this usually means that in order to be able to afford to give something away for free, businesses have to justify this by at least having the privilege of trying to convince you to buy something in the future.

Often times we ARE intending to be focused and we may for example, attempt to get some information on ONE thing; and yes you got the free eBook, but along with it you got 20 emails telling us about 5 more things that you can get. (and off we go, out of focus again). So it is no wonder we get lost and start to drown in information rather than to be able to focus long enough to actually try to learn to use something we need.

One way to FOCUS is make lists and commit to doing at least one thing on the list. Then stick with it until you thoroughly explore it as a possibility. Make a date – Tuesday you will do the research and find whatever it is you need and then Wednesday you will actually try to determine the best idea and try to use it. Ignore everything else you see until you do that one thing. Then move on to the next thing.

It’s probably really a good idea to ignore most of your email at this point – glance over only the email that is from known senders (programs you are participating in or products or services you already have, and people you know). (note the word ‘glance’ here – don’t get involved!) Your email inbox looks like a war zone, right? So make folders or labels for each program or product. Just shuffle the emails into the appropriate folders. Someday when things calm down and you have your direction, you can go back and be sure you didn’t miss anything.

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