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Home Business Entrepreneur – Balance Your Life

If we only had work or we only had play it just wouldn’t be right. We need a balance between the two – we need to work hard and then we need to take time out to rest and relax. It is not ‘slacking’ to take some time each day to do something else – doesn’t really matter what so much as it is just to have a healthy balance.


You can spend your ‘you’ time taking a cat nap, which has been proven to make people more efficient; you can get some fresh air and exercise, and of course this will help us to relieve stress and increase our circulation so we can think more clearly. There are many things that we can do if we don’t have an official ‘hobby’ or ‘pastime’; and to a degree, while not condoning couch potatoism, even just watching a movie or anything that will serve to take our mind off of business is a winner!

You see when you have given your mind and body a break, when it is time to go back to work, you will be ready to begin fresh each time. If someone just keeps working and working even at learning, they will start to spin their wheels (not actually accomplish anything) and workaholicism really produces a state of confusion after a while. It may be related to the fact that being a ‘perfectionist’ is actually not something you ever want to admit to, for example in a job interview. Surprised? It’s not good because perfectionists never finish anything they start (because nothing is ever perfect).

Certainly we should try to be as accurate and efficient as possible in our home business the same as we would on a job for someone else if our business involves services, etc. The key to all of it is focus – to have a balanced (healthy) life so that we are able to give our complete focus to our business in order to take action to accomplish something – and then wrap it up to complete it, put it down, take a break and be ready to move on to the next task at hand.

It is next to impossible to concentrate when we are in pain or uncomfortable. Particularly if we are working on a computer several hours a day, we have to realize that our body is fallible – human – We need to take care of our backs, eyes and brains because they can only do so much. Getting up and stretching, taking some deep breaths, looking out the window goes a long way to refresh our perspective. Not far from the necessity of clearing our browser cache to delete all history, cookies and temporary files!

Get a fresh start every few hours just with a brief break from business of any kind! Don’t get ‘burned out’. Even if you have to schedule time for yourself, do allow yourself time to be the best you can be! Protect your mental and physical health by being a balanced person. Oh, and don’t forget to laugh – it does wonders for your morale! Get ready to succeed by achieving your goals and always coming out on top!


Online Home Business Entrepreneur – Bucking Up

One of the most detrimental ‘habits’ or ‘traits’ for anyone doing anything is a sense of entitlement. Nobody owes you anything other than what they have literally agreed to. It is particularly harmful to people who are learning to start their own business if they believe someone else is responsible for their success or failure.

Being new, being computer illiterate, etc are not valid excuses where we become entitled to someone else doing our work (unless they have agreed specifically to do so or we are paying them). If we don’t know something then we need to learn it. ‘Information is power’ is certainly true, that is if we use the information to take action. If there is free training available certainly take advantage of it. If necessary pay for training through a community college (online) or some other online resource that is free or inexpensive.

We must take responsibility for our own actions. If we buy something then we should understand everything about it – what are the guarantees, refund policies, etc. If the purchase is a big one, then we are responsible to find out what the reputation of the seller is. What are the features and specifications? Do they meet our needs?

People seem to really have a sense of entitlement when something has been given to them free, which is ironic. Rather than to appreciate what has been given to them and to use it fully to our benefit, we will demand that people provide services or products that they have not offered once we see they are givers. It says a lot about someone if they are greedy and unappreciative.

If we are logical we will understand that in order to afford to give their property away for free, that there must be something in it that might possibly promote their business. For example they give you something free if you will read their newsletter or advertising (represent a prospective sale) – or they give you something free with the hope that you will upgrade the service or product which might result in some income for their business.

Unless they say they are a charitable organization then you might assume that they are in business to make money – just like you hope to be. There is no crime in that and nobody deserves to be called names or accused of anything for trying to do business – as long as they are honest about it.

Entitlement can really get ugly if the person is not able to achieve what they anticipated in the time they think is reasonable. Then they will blame their sponsor, the program, the government, their parents, etc., never taking responsibility themselves.

Starting a business is a gamble. If you know going in that you are the one who is responsible to make it work and that if it doesn’t work then you are still the responsible party, you will do much better with your business. This is because for one thing being responsible gives you control. As well, maybe the fact that you realize you are responsible and have control will cause you to take the appropriate actions necessary to make it work, rather than sitting back and waiting for somebody else to do it.

About ‘sitting back and waiting’ this is a fatal error under any circumstances with any business. You need to be engaged on a daily basis. Don’t be fooled by pie in the sky descriptions of home business or ‘autopilot’ – yes some things are automatic but you are the one that needs to pay attention to make sure it is working right, and to promote your business. You need to be very aware even if you are paying someone to do something for you, that it is in fact being done correctly and that there are statistics to prove it. There is no such thing as ‘wealth without work’.

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