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How to Stay Motivated When Working at Home on the Internet Marketing

Do You Agree ‘There is No Truth, Only Perception’? In some ways it seems true but in others not since the truth is the truth no matter who can’t see it. One way that it could be true is when you look at something like attitude, for example your attitude about working.


Do you like to work? If yes then you probably have a pretty good time and the busier you are the more you thrive. You are creative about your work and are always looking for ways that you can improve how you do things. You take pride in being efficient and accurate and derive a great deal of gratification when you have completed a project.

If you really don’t particularly like to work, that is, you would much rather be doing something else, that’s ok. We need balance in our lives and we should make time for living the other aspects of our lives besides working. Maybe if you are sure to carve out regular time for you then the time you must spend working will seem less unattractive to you.

Since it is necessary to work, it would be a lot more pleasant, as well as likely more productive, if we somehow learn to enjoy it. We should try to stay motivated by having positive thoughts and while I don’t believe imagining yourself in the Taj Mahal will help (too far-fetched) it might help you to imagine where you could be this time next year if you do extra work to create the additional income to get there.

If money is your only motivation for working then you might focus on that. Don’t however elaborate on your financial problems as that will just add more stress and unpleasant feelings. Rather think about the things you would buy if you had extra money. Imagine yourself having them. Kind of like a ‘carrot on a stick’ to keep you going.

It certainly is easier and more fun when you like what you are doing just for the sake of doing it. You enjoy whatever you do and embrace everything to become fully engaged with it. However, there can be ‘too much of a good thing’ which may lead to being burned out from working too much.

Really, in this case, nothing is going to work except for you to take a break – whether it is a few hours here and there, or ideally a day or two regularly to get away — or even an actual week’s vacation a few times a year, it will do wonders for you both physically and mentally.

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