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How to Find Free Work at Home Ideas

You can find free work at home ideas when you go to a search engine and search using relevant keywords. There is almost limitless information and resources to help you nail down a concrete idea and to run with it every step of the way.

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One way that is tried and true is doing eBay auctions. Some start very casually just to clear out closets and storage facilities. Many items you don’t need any more, may be of value to someone else. eBay has full instructions on how to set up your own auctions and you can elaborate on that as much as you want to as far as adding bells and whistles and promoting your offerings.

If you like that business model, you can find companies online that need distributors. You can auction their products for a profit. You can sell just about anything — clothes, jewelry, electronics, arts and crafts, health and beauty products, etc.

Another easy way to find free work at home ideas to generate income would be to join free affiliate programs like ClickBank.com or Amazon.com and sell products and services to earn commissions. With some you can earn commissions for referrals as well as selling products or services.

There may be some skills and experience you have gained over the years, and you can start a training site if you like to help people. You would charge a fee to consult with students individually or in groups using technology like VoIP web conference rooms, Skype, etc. Some examples would be basic computer skills – using Windows, using a browser, using applications like Word and other office software.

Another area that provides an avenue for earning income online, may be considered mentoring or coaching. If you have knowledge of motivational concepts or are skilled in sales or marketing, this is a great idea that can be very lucrative. There are many new business start-ups online that may need a helping hand with these issues.

Another avenue to create a free work at home job for yourself is to use your administrative skills. If you can type pretty well you may be able to do data entry, or help people who are writing eBooks or reports; you may assist in doing eMail correspondence. Or you can offer to handle their accounts payable, receivable, or tax accounting if you can do simple math using a calculator or bookkeeping application.

With some basic writing skills, you may be able to find websites that need ad copy written including for article and blog marketing. You don’t need to be a professional copywriter, per se, but just to have basic creative writing skills and decent spelling and grammar. There are actually many opportunities to earn money with writing skills on the Internet.

There are ‘freelance’ sites where you can get assignments. You can also build your own reputation word-of-mouth — particularly if you participate in business forums or online programs where there is a facility for you to network with people and promote your business (social nets).

Most any online business model would include doing marketing and advertising to promote your own sales. It is not like having a brick and mortar store where you might catch people walking by. In order to get your business in front of consumers online, you will have to promote it (sales & marketing). There are a number of free ways to do this on the Internet.

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