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Sometimes when we attempt to do something it is just not the right time, for whatever reason. These reasons can include lack of time, lack of money, and/or lack of initiative. It may take you several starts to actually get the ball rolling. From there only time will tell if you are able to sustain it. If you pick up the ball but do not run far with it, that’s ok – put it away and come back another day.

There seems to be a common pattern however, that is self-defeating, and that is that people come in like gangbusters, all inspired and determined to succeed. Some would say they are ‘on fire’; but then when they don’t see immediate results, they just back off, which is exactly the opposite of what they should do, which is try harder.

Maybe it would be better to just start off on an even, logical keel and see where that takes you. There is actually a saying somewhere about this and how a fire that starts out white hot is quick to burn out; but a fire that is built slowly will burn much longer.

There is definitely something akin to a ‘high’ that seems to go hand-in-hand with joining programs or purchasing other tools that promise the moon. The person may feel all-powerful as they are identifying themselves with people who have succeeded in their online business. However then when ‘the morning after’ arrives they see that there really is no magic sauce that doesn’t involve work and time to develop.

They may not be mature enough to carry it off. They wanted the magical, not the logical. They may go on and on in a long stream of joining or buying things that all turn out the same – either ‘too good to be true’ fantasies or legitimate programs that require learning, effort and structure and they didn’t want to really exert themselves.

You can be sure it is pretty much the same for everyone – nobody succeeds by magic. While it may be a gamble to start a business, it is not the lottery. You get nothing but an ID and some resources to work with by joining for example an affiliate program. One must make wise use of time and materials in order to turn it into something tangible such as money in the bank. Just belonging or having something doesn’t do anything for you.

When you decide to quit you may be bitter and blame others for your failure. One day though you may realize that you didn’t really try and that is why you did not succeed. If and when you get to a place in your head and in your life that you have some extra time and energy to better your situation, then you will do it. Every year you grow up a little more and eventually you may come to the place where you are ready to actually ‘just do it’.

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