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We should never be afraid to share – whether it is information or even money. With information, somebody must have given it to you, right? Aren’t you glad they did? What if they had the attitude that if they told you something that you might beat them out of something, and so they better just keep the information hoarded away? Pretty mean.

More than likely somebody taught you what they knew and hoped that maybe they had been instrumental in helping you in your journey to success. It is also likely that if they had been successful themselves that they felt that they needed to ‘give back’ to the universe some of the blessings that they had received. It’ a beautiful way to think, especially when compared to folks that figure ‘I got mine’ (so that is all that matters).

What is really amazing is when someone has been given a real leg up –- tangible resources, training, content, etc., for free – that instead of being grateful for the opportunity, they would begrudge their benefactors from making any money from them even indirectly. It is another example of rampant greed and entitlement. They really worry about if it is possible for anybody else to benefit from their real estate which they wouldn’t even have if someone didn’t share with them in some way.

It’s understandable when in direct competition to try to best your opponent. However it is also possible to have a ‘win/win’ situation where everybody helps everybody to benefit. You have probably seen the slogans ‘we only succeed if you succeed’. Think about that both from the perspective of the giver and the taker (of information, opportunity, etc).

If I am trying to teach you something and you are able to learn, then I succeeded. However if you refuse to learn then I failed. If I share something with you because someone shared it with me, but you don’t pass it on to someone who is coming up behind you or alongside you, then it just dies.

Maybe somebody who would have benefitted from the information will fail because they didn’t know. Will that make you more of a winner? Hardly. That however is the mindset of someone who doesn’t understand that ‘what goes around comes around’.

Whether it is good or bad – we never know when we will get what we have coming to us. It works both ways – the more good we do the more good we receive and the other way around. So be a winner and don’t be afraid to give it up. Share whatever you have gladly and remember to be thankful for all that you have been able to receive and accomplish.

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